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Bollé Turns to Artificial Intelligence to Advance Lens Clarity For its Winter 2021-2022 Collection

Uses AI to Develop The Highest Clarity Lens Available, Launches Augmented Reality To Allow Consumers To Experience Bollé at Home Before They Purchase

With its Winter 2021-22 collection, Bollé is utilizing advanced technology to enhance outdoor experiences for athletes and outdoor enthusiasts. The engineering team turned to the problem-solving power of artificial intelligence to generate over 4 million possible combinations to create a new high contrast lens, called the Volt lens, that enhances colors.

The surge of new technology applications comes a year after Bollé committed to a new research and design lab, called Epic Center, located at the foot of the Alps with the goal of working with athletes to address their needs and develop higher quality products.

The result can be seen throughout the 2021/22 collection.


The Torus is Bollé’s first goggle to feature the new Volt lens technology and combines the benefits of cylindrical and spherical lenses to minimize distortion and glare while optimizing fog management and frame valuation.

Design benefits include a maximized field of vision coupled with greater airflow due to increased volume to reduce fogging.

Using AI, Bollé set out to discover which wavelengths to enhance or dampen, it then designed and developed the chemical compounds (pigments) that would absorb the right wavelengths. Next, it put together the perfect blend of pigments for the transmission curve it wanted to achieve. The result is a new lens, called Volt, that is unlike anything currently on the market.


The largest of the fit range, the Mammoth provides a true wide field of vision. Equipped with articulated outriggers for a perfect fit with your helmet, the Mammoth offers symmetrical ventilations to optimize inside airflow and prevent fog. Available with Phantom and Volt. Hidden features include a forestay system for a perfect fit with helmets, symmetric ventilations for optimal airflow and a true large fit for a wide field of vision.


The RYFT, introduced in one-model last year to enhance comfort with greater airflow capacity than any other helmet, has been expanded for the 2021-2022 season into a family of helmets. The RYFT features bigger and wider vents than traditional snow helmets, a result of Bollé’s Active Panel Ventilation system that allows unparalleled airflow while still meeting the high impact protection norms. 

Bollé is introducing four new helmets into the RYFT family. This includes the new RYFT Evo MIPS, RYFT Pure, V-RYFT MIPS and V-RYFT Pure.

  • The V-RYFT MIPS provides all the features offered in the original RYFT along with an attached visor for the most demanding skier who is looking for high end performance in the emerging visor category. Features include active panel vents, visor vents, built in Phantom Photochromic Cat 1-3 visor, deluxe perf lining, 3-D audio ready earpads for comfort and hearing., fit-lock magnetic buckle, BOA 270 degree fit system, MIPS Technology and air extractor channels below the shell. The V-RYFT Pure brings the features found in the RYFT Pure into a visor helmet complete with two interchangeable lenses including a photochromic lens as well as an integrated

  • The RYFT EVO Mips - The interaction between the active ventilation system, comprised of 14 active ventilation vents, avid progressive EPS, Goggle vents and an air flow extractor provide unmatched comfort and climate control. Additional comfort elements come from the integrated BOA fit system and performance LYCRA lining to wick away perspiration.

  • The RYFT Pure was designed to accommodate from Piste to the Backcountry. It’s a progressive helmet in a clean and modern design built to offer protective and comfort at a key price point. It features active ventilation with 6 vents, includes goggle vents to help with airflow in goggles, includes a deluxe lining, 3D earpads for comfort and hearing along with air extractor channels below the shell and Bollé’s click to fit system. The new V-RYFT Pure takes all of the features found on the RYFT Pure and includes a visor. The V-RYFT Pure includes 2 interchangeable visors including a Photochromic option.


After reintroducing its iconic Chronoshield this past season, which is inspired by the original 1986 version, Bollé has made some significant updates for its 2021-2022 version of the Chronoshield. 

While paying tribute to its original remarkable design, Chronoshield’s refined profile and use of modern technologies ensure that it is still ahead of its time and showing no signs of compromise in style, fit, comfort, or performance. For 2021-2022, the Chronoshield is available in five new styles- Black Matte Phantom Brown red Cat, Crystal Navy Matte Phantom Clear Green Cat, Black Matte Volt+Cold White Cat 3 Titanium Matte Volt+ Ultraviolet Cat 3, and Pink Matte Brown Blue Cat 3. The new styles are available with the Phantom lens, the highest performing photochromic lens available. New subtle improvements include a new attachment system to the foam browbar and stylish new rubber logo built into the frame.


Bollé’s commitment to become the industry leader in innovation, supported by its investment into the Epic Design Center in Lyon, France, has resulted in a series of innovations that are forever changing the helmet, goggle and sunglasses market with improved lenses, features and benefits derived from new technology coming out of Bollé’s Epic Center.

The Volt Lens

The launch of the Volt lens is the most significant advancement in eyewear technology in recent memory. The objective was to provide high contrast and enhanced colors with a focus on firm and fresh snow. Bollé’s research and design team turned to the problem-solving power of artificial intelligence to generate over 4 million possible combinations. The one lens that succeeded provided an incomparable color experience. This lens is known for the power of color. For its launch season it will be available in two colors, Volt Ice Blue for sunny, bright days offers 29 percent color enhancement. The Volt Ruby, ideal for overcast days features a 31 percent color enhancement. 

Phantom Lens

The iconic Phantom and Phantom + lens combines a number of advanced lens technologies that revolutionize vision on snow and is ideal for a variety of conditions aimed at maximizing color definition and depth perception. The Phantom + also includes a semi-polarized film that reduces distracting glare and enhances contrast to distinguish ice from snow.

An additional feature offered by the Phantom range is its Low Temperature Sensitivity (LTS) which allows for a wide range of visible light transmission, ensuring precise visual acuity in all weather conditions, including the most extreme. Bolle’s lens tint reaches 70% of its full activation within 20 seconds.

Key Takeaways
  • Bollé has changed the way advanced technology is used to enhance outdoor experiences for athletes and outdoor enthusiasts.
  • Using AI to develop its new Volt  lens, which tested 4 million color combinations to develop the perfect high contrast lens that enhanced colors.
  • The surge of new technology applications comes a year after Bollé committed to a new research and design lab, called Epic Center, located at the foot of the Alps
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